• The cell is responsible for academic planning, improvement in each and every aspect of the quality of students and staff.

          1.     Mr. K. Karthikeyan, Secretary & Treasurer i/c, A.V.C College Committee

          2.      Dr. R. Nagarajan, Chairperson

          3.      Dr. N. Baskaran, Co-ordinator

          4.      Dr. R. Karthikeyan, Director, R&D Cell

          5.      Mr. C. S. Iyyappan, Controller of Examinations

          6.     Dr. S. Ramasamy, HOD of Economics

          7.      Dr. K. Thyagarajan, HOD of Computer Science

          8.      Dr. G. Vivekanandan, HOD of Chemistry

          9.      Mr. S. Rajasekaran, HOD of Botany  

          10.   Dr. G. Ravi Selvam, Associate Professor of Commerce

          11.    Dr. S. Mayilvaganan, Assistant Professor of Commerce

          12.    Mr. S. Chandrasekaran, Assistant Professor of English

          13.    Mrs. M. Hemamalini, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

          14.    Dr. S. Ramalingam, Assistant Professor of Physics

          15.    Mrs. K. Bhuvaneswari, HOD of Management Studies

          16.    Mrs. S. Sugunakala, HOD of Bio-Informatics




Annual Quality Assurance Report of  IQAC for the Period 2013-2014

             1. Annual Quality Assurance Report for the year 2015-16.

2. Annual Quality Assurance Report for the year 2014-15.

3. Annual Quality Assurance Report for the year 2013-14.