The Dept of History took its genesis in 1970. Before that Prof. Janab, H.Amir Ali, the first H.O.D., had been teaching political science as an allied paper to Economics, right from 1957 to 1970.The Dept of History has had a long existence of 35 years. M.A. History was introduced in the academic year 2002-03. Total number of students in B.A., classes are 160 and 40 in the P.G. classes in this academic year 2005-06. Even at the U.G. level, the curriculum has been so designed as to serve the society and to prepare the students for their future career. Journalism, public Admin and Tourism are the three papers worth mentioning at the U.G. level. The syllabus has been designed for M.A. History to satisfy the needs of the aspirants of administrative services. Human Rights, Tourism, Epigraphy and Administrative and political Institutions are some papers worth mentioning.


  • Promoting the understanding of History

  • Discussing the inevitability of History

  • Studying peoples’ History

  • Writing unbiased History

  • Highlighting women’s and Children’s role in History


  • Promoting the value of humanity

  • Nurturing the brotherhood

  • Teaching the importance of secularism

  • Sanctifying motherhood


       To educate the students to meet out the growing demands for Computer Professionals in the dynamic IT industry.


  1. B. A - History - (Day College)

  2. Eligibility:  A Pass in +2 in any decipline  

  3. M. A - History- (Evening Section)

  4. Eligibility:  A Graduation in History

  5. Ph.D., - History

  6. Eligibility:  Post Graduate in History with minimum of 55% of Marks



Since 2014 having MOU with Department of Epigraphy& Archaeology, Tamil University, Thanjavur we train the students in the field of explorations and excavations. Through special lectures we enlighten the students in different disciplines like Archaeology, Epigraphy, Manuscriptology, Temple studies and Linguistics.


Since 2012 in view of promoting reading habit of the students through Reading Forum a wing of the department, we train the students to review the books and journals in periodical rendezvous.


In the annual field visit of the places of historical heritage we train the students how to understand the historically logistic places against the backdrop of Indian context at the global level.

For Further Details

    Mr. A. Seenivasan, M.A., M.Phil., M.Ed.,

    Head Department of History


    E.Mail: histryavc@gmail.com