Electronic Science



Department offers two years Post Graduate programme in Electronic Science from the academic year 1988-89 and three years Under Graduate programme in Electronic Science from the academic year 1994-95.  The programme M.Sc. (Electronic Science) and B.Sc. (Electronic Science) were proposed, devised and nourished by the dedicated, well-experienced Professors of the Department of Physics.  Thanks to their innovative idea of starting Job-oriented courses, many of the old students of these courses were settled well in their life.  These courses were effectively managed by the Department of Physics for more than a decade.  In the year 2000, the Department of Electronic Science was bifurcated from the Department of Physics.

VISION:- To develop Skill and Result oriented Electronic Graduates

MISSION:-Upgrading the students in state-of-the-art in Electronics,Technology by offering training in designing, trouble shooting,maintenance and Servicing of Electronic systems


  1. B. Sc- Electronic Science

  2. Eligibility: A Pass in +2 with Mathematics and Physics as a papers

  3. M. Sc- Electronic Science

  4. Eligibility: A Graduation in Electronic Science, Industrial Electronics, Physics,Instrumentation, ECS


  1. Embedded Systems Development

  2. This is a recent area with wide applications in Communication, Robotics; Microprocessor based controlling systems, consumer and Automobile applications. The following facilities have been made available in the department.

    i) AT89C51 Microcontroller Development kits

    ii) MCS 8031 series Microcontroller Simulator Software

    iii) Transducer and Sensors

    iv) ADC & DAC Interfacing cards

    v )8085 Microprocessor Development kits

  3. Digital Signal Processing Applications

  4. It has wide applications in Voice recognition, Voice Synthesis and Image Processing. The following facilities have been made available:

    vi) MAT LAB programming

For Details Please Contact

    Mrs. K. Krishnaveni, M.Sc, M.Phil, DCA

    Head Department of Electronic Science

    Cell No : 9790426602

    Email - deptofes@yahoo.com